Saturday, March 12, 2011

200 Characters of Evolution

There has definitely been an evolutionary step in technology in the past decade, most of it in 200 characters or less. I mean of course texting, which is something amazing in itself.
Look at this graph, which my team of brilliant graphites(ba-dum-ch) worked all day over a hot keyboard to come up with:

History of Communication

Voice* ->Memorized Messages Spoke by a Middle Man -> Short Distance Signals** -> Basic Signs -> Written Word -> Letters*** -> Telegraph+ -> Phone -> More Phone -> Big Honking Portable Phone -> Texting++

*Primitive at first, of course.
** Smoke signals, fire signals, waving of branches etc.
*** Written messages transfered via special carriers, whether it be military personnel, or simple courier.
+ Short typed messages sent electrically from one place to the next
++ Short typed messages sent electrically from one place to the next.

See the problem with this? It's almost like technology, whether it be to mankind's nature to cling to whatever is easiest and simplest to use, has taken a step back. It's like it's stopped and said "Screw this, all this new stuff is hard!" and went back to the old standard.

Some will argue though that important things don't really even require that many characters, that they can be summed up easier than that(once again that easier thing). For instance:
5. "I'm pregnant, and it's your father's."
4. "Aliens have finally invaded. Canada is gone."
3. "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."
2. "I want a divorce, and I'm marrying the pool boy."
1. "He's dead, Jim."


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Song Time!

It's about time for a break from the seriousness, so tonight I'm going to list a couple songs I can't get enough of lately!

1: Twilight Zone, by Golden Earring

There's two versions, one 5 minutes, the other 7 minutes, obviously the one that theres no video to is the best, but oh well. Awesome song, it almost has a kind of cryptic feeling to it, and the video is great too, gotta love the card tricks.

2: Thunder in Your Heart, by John Farnham

A classic that few have heard of, from the movie RAD! This is an amazing song to ride around to.

3: The One I Love, by REM
A good song, that will fill some people with heaps of Nostalgia.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I sometimes like to think of a government, or any kind of group of people, as the basics of a vehicle.
Sometimes it'll be smooth sailing, until a fuel pump goes out, then you're stranded. Sometimes you could be cruising mean way too fast, and your brakes go out, then what can you do? That correlates to the old saying the "The Brightest Flame Burns Out First".

But sometimes, you have an engine that's in such bad shape it's not running on all it's cylinders, it's smoking and burning oil, and not shifting right. Thats what happens when you've left your car without the proper maintenance for far too long. Any leadership can become like that, if you let powerful people run rampant, powerful people will eventually slowly become corrupt, whether it be actual corruption, mental illness, or anything.

Sure you can find a mechanic to work on your leadership, but thats going to cost you, and it's going to cost you a LOT more than if you rolled up your sleeves and did the work yourself.

Basically, if you aren't willing to try and change your world for the better, don't complain that it's not perfect.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Viva La Revolucion

It seems to me that the world has caught Revolution Fever, and it'll be noted that it is more contagious than the plague, but then again so is alimony.

It just goes to show that sometimes, when a group of people, whether it be a country, or just a band of people wanting change, get together and set their collective mind to something, that it can be accomplished with enough effort. And once one revolution occurs, another is sure to take it's place, it is a cycle of history that is sure to repeat itself until the day the Earth grows cold, but it is a spark that ignites the fire of human strength, and usually human stubbornness as well. But as they say, sometimes change is a good thing.

How long will it be before something resembling a revolution, or even small riots, starts happening in your town? No place is ever immune to the human condition, even if the leaders of that place wish otherwise.

Revolutions have been demonized as something that causes bitter violence, and is something "not worth it" in the long run, but every culture has had its revolutions, whether they call them as such or not, and they are a key part to the development of Civilization. It us up to us to decide whether we want to revolt in the name of the betterment of us and our people, or just because we want to revolt. I hope we make the right choice.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Absense is a Horrible Situation

It breeds uncertaintly, and distrust. If you are absent for a long enough time, you may be forgotten. Being forgotten, laides and gentlemen, is a fate worse than death. Some people plan on leaving monuments, such as buildings, or statues to stay in memory, I just plain old don't plan on dying.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Consequences and Reprocussions of Family

When we think of family, we think of warms fires and laughs. We see the good parts, sans the constant obstructions to an average sane life. We do not see what family really is. Nothing more than a need to be loved, and a need for companionship. Family is not in essense nothing more than a bond between normaly different ideals and beliefs in everything from sports, to life itself. This bond is what causes these certain people to go to extreme lengths to cater to the other's needs. Family can tear a person down, both emotionaly and mentaly, faster than any torture known to man. It is impossible to make everyone happy at one time, and therefor some will adore you, while others despise you. Family is also a class of it's on when we are dealing with favoritism. From sibling rivalry, to feelings of hatred to one's family, for the attrocities that they provide a common human being. In essence family is one thing that one cannot avoid, but must put up with anyway. Something that can kill faster than any poison, yet is the life giving medicine required for one's feelings of sanctuary. When one is deprived of that social contact, one can show signs of multiple symptoms ranging from paranoia, to a nervous breakdown, to homocidal tendencies. But the worst part of it, is when a person is exposed to the harshness of too much family. It can rip asunder the person's mental facilities, while making a person want to have nothing to do with them. Thus forming the pre mentioned symptoms.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Absolute, Worst Thing to Do

........In any situation is to lose hope in the one thing that can help you to overcome your problems. No, not some random deity, but yourself. You are the only person who can change your future, or overcome some impossible task, whether it be something that seems impossible at the time, or a crisis that seems to be ripping you apart by the seams. The only person that can help you truely, and definitively, is yourself. And if you cannot beleive in yourself, or even at least have some slight flicker of the spark of that mighty flame called hope, then you are doomed to fail before you even begin.

I beleive a very wise man once said:

"Know your enemy as yourself, and you need not fear the outcomes of a thousand battles. Know Yourself, but not the enemy, and for every victory, there is a defeat. If you know not yourself, nor your enemy, you are doomed to fail in every situation"

                                           -Sun Tzu

Soy, Taste Death, or Economic Saviour?

We all are aware of the hundreds of things that can be made from soy beans. Everything from food, to things that are not food, to things that look like food, but should never be consumed by anything with a soul. If liberal activists and the like want to chow down on this delicious, and healthy product.....then they can do it by themselves please. And no, meat is not murder, murder is when I end up shoving hard, crunchy blocks of tofu into a place it should never be. Ladies and Gentlemen, eat that.

Why We Do, What We Do

....Is a question that is frequently asked. If we, as human beings are doing so many horrible things to so many people, why can't we all just change on a thought? The simple answer, we don't want to. The long answer? We don't want to lose the things that we have, and the money and power we have gained while rising the the position that we are in. We are content to stay were we are, regardless of the harm we do, or the sacrifices we have to make.

The Value of the Human Soul

What has it dropped to by now. You hear so much about the dollar losing value, but it seems that it is not the worst ladies and gentlemen. It seems to me that the only thing that sinking lower and lower is how much we value ourselves. I have a challenge for my readers. After you read this, sit down, lay back, and relax, don't think about work(unless your AT work, then just wait a bit), don't think about money, don't think about anything that you have to pay. Just sit there, and remember one of your favorite memories, something you accomplished that you were proud of, and just hum an old song you don't remember the words to anymore. Do this for a good 5-10 minutes, and you WILL feel better. Now then, wasn't that worth the 2 easy payments of $49.99 crazies charge for that advice?

Coffee, Good for the Soul

As I sit here, mug to my left, I am reminded by the odd perplexities of human nature, the want, no, the need for power and physical gains. It is depressing how many people will sacrifice everything they stand for, or worse, the people who love them, just for one slightly larger niche in an intense and demanding society that we are forced to live in, and doomed to repeat. You may hear people saying that the world is changing into a far better place, but remember, we are still human, and as such we will be greedy, we will be jealous, and we will make mistakes. But what is profounding is the little shreds of wisdom we learn from these mistakes after the act of commiting them. I personaly beleive that if we just stood up and said no, not to some polished on-the-pedestal goverment figurehead, not to the "Man", but to ourselves, this world would change, it can change, and that is a bloody lot better than what we are heading into. Most people who have the power to change the world probably won't read this, nor will they have the time to, but if someone who is willing to make that stand, who is willing to say no to themselves, to try and better themselves, gets my respect. Because to be able to  "fix" a people, you have to have fixed yourself. Whew.


To my first, and hopefuly foremost, blog. While being new to the world of internet blogging, I have decided that it may be a profitable and entertaining venture into Society. Now I know you won't want to read about some rubbish about this latest product, or how the Dell XLDP 4000 makes your Dell XLDP 3999 look like scrap, and I won't be posting that here, because God knows that 4000 makes my old hunk look like a primitive wooden toy. A little about myself now, I am based out of Lexington, Alabama U.S.A., running a 1.5 ghz, 762 mb RAM, 80 gig HD, hunk, and have way too much time on my hands. I am homeschooled, with serious interest in Temporal Physics, and Robotics Engineering.

The Obscure Proposal, what in goodness is this? Some sort of cesspool of indecency?

NO. This blog is going to be my outlet, to relieve stress, and talk about everything from politics, to international events, to simple news and some good ol' fashion tech.

So hop on board and settle in, this will definantly take some time to get set up, so feel free to browse these empty shelves, at least for a little while.